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Taconic Road Runners Beer Run

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 7:00 PM

The rumors are true! It went so well last time, they?re doing it again! The beer mile is on July 13 (it?s during their monthly meeting!) they are hosting their first beer mile at FDR Park on July 13. Come one, come all. They?re doing their beer mile a little differently by doing out and back eighths, because tehy could, er, never get a permit to do this on a track.

Here are some details:

-7pm -Parking lot six -BYOB -Beer may be non-alcoholic -You must have a designated driver -Each runner will have four beverages 12 ounce beverages in cans which they must open themselves during the race. The cans may be any temperature. -One can is consumed at the start, and one after each 1/4 mile. -Manual timing.

It'll be great.

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