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New York City Ekiden

Saturday, August 6th, 2016 8:00 AM

We could tell you a lot about Japanese culture that we don't really understand or we could tell you that the Ekiden is a really cool relay race created in Japan and that relays are mad fun. Go get your bestie or three of your besties and sign up for The New York City Ekiden today.

This race is part of the 2016 NYCRUNS InterClub Challenge (you do not have to be in a club to run).

Only 2 and 4 person teams are allowed and you must alternate runners at each leg. What are the categories: Open (anything goes), Female, Male, and Co-Ed (equal # of men and women) in both the four-person and two-person relay. That's a total of eight winning teams!

This race will be electronically timed, but there's a twist. In a traditional Ekiden, the runners wear a sash that is passed from runner to runner. After you cross the timing mat, you must hand the sash to the next runner.

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