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37th Annual NYPD vs. FDNY 5 Mile Run

Saturday, March 29th, 2014 9:30 AM

Congratulations to all the finishers of the 37th Annual NYPD vs. FDNY 5 Mile Run in Central Park. We had over 650 finishers.

The overall winner of the race, in a time of 27:01, was a guest runner, Police Officer Scott Roman, representing the Philadelphia Police Department. The overall female winner, in a time of 35:18, was from the NYPD, Police Officer (Recruit) Justina Dinko. The winner of the first place trophy for top agency member, who was 2nd place overall, in a time of 28:44, was Police Officer (Recruit) Mario Segura.

Although the team competition was close, the FDNY won by just a little over a minute, taking home the Tiffany Cup team award. Overall the NYPD dominated the race by have the fastest male and female runners, and winning 22 of the 34 age group awards.

Thanks to all the amazing volunteers who came out and worked hard to make this event a success. A special thanks goes out to Deputy Chief Theresa Shortell who motivated her Police Academy staff, and recruits, to come out in force to both run and volunteer. In addition, Chief Shortell ran an excellent race herself winning third place in her age group. Thanks to Sergeant's Mike Anderson and Tim Dowling, from the Police Academy Gym, who coordinated the effort with the recruits and helped out in many ways. Particular praise goes out to Deputy Inspector Michele Irizarry who organized many of the behind the scenes matters, and made this race as great as it was.

The race results can be located by clicking on the results button on the right.

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