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The Enormous Elephant Run: Freestyle

Saturday, November 19th, 2016 9:00 AM

Register today for the Enormous Elephant 10K Run: Freestyle to benefit The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT). You can run, jog or walk your way around beautiful Central Park while helping protect this majestic species! You can even involve your friends and family by forming a team or raising additional funds to support wildlife. Your efforts will benefit the elephants in the DSWT's care and those living wild.

Each day, close to 100 elephants are killed for their tusks... threatening their future. At the current poaching rate, elephants will be extinct in the wild by 2025. Many elephants targeted by poachers have milk dependent calves, and without family or a mother, a baby elephant has little chance of survival. Through the dedication and hard work of the DSWT, rescued orphaned baby elephants now have a second chance at life in the wild. Currently, the DSWT has 25 milk dependent calves and more than 150 orphans in their care.

Through the generous participation of 1,000 runners last November, the event raised more than $75,000 to support the orphans at DSWT. This year, we are hoping to host 1,500 participants and increase last years' donation to DSWT. Register today and you will help provide the vital funds needed to protect these magnificent animals. All net proceeds will benefit the projects of the DSWT. Thank you for your support!

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